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Questions, uncertainties or do you need some help? No problem, we are happy to help. Because it is the busiest time of the year, we can only answer necessary questions personally. Please follow the instructions below to do so. For service and general questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Please follow the order below correctly:


  • Always check our first "meest gestelde vragen" in our store please, or maybe your question (and answer) is already listed there. Due to crowds, unfortunately, we cannot inform everyone about our basics via our customer service. You will automatically receive information about deliveries that are going out the door via our updates via e-mail. Please wait for this one


  • Is your question/answer not listed? Then please contact us.
  1. If your question is about a (current) order/case, please contact us all the timeand only contact via de WhatsApp aub: +31-651865966stating your full name used when placing the order.
  2. If you don't have an order yet and if you have a question in advance or a general question/comment, please fill in the contact form below, or contact us via email address
We will contact you as soon as possible, this may take a little longer than you can usually expect from us. We kindly ask you to wait for this before sending a new message. (new messages are at the bottom of the list)
Please make one choice from the above steps, to relieve the mailbox and app as much as possible. That way we get to answer your question sooner... ;)


Thanks in advance!

Team ieniemienie parties